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Outdoor Authority
57153 Hudec Resort Rd N
Waskish, MN 56685
More About Outdoor Authority
Dannie Burkholder is the owner and operator of Outdoor Authority Fish House Rentals. Dannie aimed to help meet the market demand for bigger and more comfortable fish houses while providing outstanding customer service. Outdoor Authority is more than a business opportunity, running Fish House Rentals also makes perfect sense for Dannie's lifestyle. It's something that he has been exposed to practically all his life. 

It goes without saying that Dannie has always been drawn to the outdoor life. He simply enjoys being out and about to appreciate nature. As a kid, he spent his summers on the bank of the Mississippi fishing near Monticello Minnesota and in the winter you could find him out drilling holes on a weed bed dropping colored line down a hole to figure out the depth and a location to fish. In fact, Dannie studied Wildlife Management at the University of Minnesota. He also took up Natural Resource Management at Central Lakes College in the city of Brainerd, located in Crow Wing County, Minnesota. While studying Natural Resources Dannie joined the Minnesota Army National Guard. Where he served two tours in Iraq and spent 18 years in the national guard. He continues to serve today.

Outdoor Authority Fish House Rentals has been commended for going the extra mile for its customers. The company carefully chooses the location where they set up their fish houses. By using its pro staff of private houses to prefish areas or going out them selfs to prefish a predetermined area. They make sure that the area will most likely have their customers' sought after catch. In line with this, Outdoor Authority Fish House Rentals also moves their fish houses on a weekly basis. This provides you the customer with clean holes, white snow banks, and the best possibility to catch fish.
Outdoor Authority Fish House Rentals holds office at the following address:
Outdoor Authority 
57153 Hudec Resort Rd NE 
Waskish, Minnesota 56685

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